Directors elected at the June 3, 2017 AGM.


Al and his wife Irene moved from Calgary to West Kelowna in 1981 and later into Casa Loma in 1999.

Al is now a “retired” executive formerly involved in the healthcare technologies sector for 25+ years.  Currently, Al is a re-elected director of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce.  Al & Irene’s charitable efforts are focused on children’s healthcare and social causes, World Vision’s 6k clean water projects, and supporting mental health causes at Foundry Kelowna.

In 2014 Al was first elected as director and Secretary/Treasurer.  Al was re-elected as a director and elected as the CLCA’s President at the 2015, 2016 & 2017 AGM’s.


Doug, Vicki and their family moved from Ontario to the Okanagan in 2003.  They initially landed in East Kelowna where they had a grape vineyard and then moved to Casa Loma in 2016.

Doug is active in local business and is the founder of Provident Partners.  He is very active with Global Friends Foundation and other charitable and business boards.  He looks forward to serving this community through the CLCA.   Doug was first elected in 2016, and re-elected in 2017.

He and Vicki love the community and are thrilled to have their children and grandchildren enjoy it with them.  Proximity to the parks and roadways allow them to stay active by hiking and biking.


Joe and his wife Michelle moved to Casa Loma in 2012, retiring after a 37 year career of teaching in the BC’s lower mainland and active in municipal politics in Port Moody.

Joe is very active as the President of BC Community Football with over 10,000 members.  BC Lions recognized Joe with the Orange Helmet Lifetime Achievement award in 2015.  The City of Kelowna awarded Joe with award for hosting the annual BC Flag Championships for the past 8 years.

In 2014 Joe was first elected as CLCA Director & President and re-elected as a director in 2015, 2016 and 2017.  Joe has been active at board activities including continual work on the ditches and various community activities.


Jesper and his wife Sheri Simson were drawn to the area by Sheri’s parents Shirley and Dave Simson who have lived in Casa Loma since 1991 and CLCA members since inception.

Deciding it was perfect for raising a family they moved to Casa Loma in 1998, where they have raised their three sons Cooper, Parker and Hunter backyard to backyard with his in-laws ever since!

Jesper is the owner of Keen Steel, which manufactures a variety of steel products related to a wide assortment of industries. He enjoys being able to help people create new products so they can start a new business, as well as assisting existing businesses to diversify & grow. Jesper was first elected as a director in 2016 and re-elected in 2017.


Catherine and her husband David were drawn to the Okanagan from the lower mainland in 1999 and chose the Westside.  Later in 2010 they built a home in Casa Loma for them and their two teenagers.

Catherine is active on many sports executive boards locally, regionally and provincially and enjoys being a part of growth and change, providing fair play for kids and upholding the integrity of the organizations she serves.  She assists her husband with his busy orthopedic business and has been contracting her diverse business, management and public speaking skills to an international tour company since 1994 in various capacities.

Catherine has also served as a director on the strata board of her cabin up at Big White. Catherine was elected as a director in 2017.


Shirley purchased her Casa Grande property in September 2014 as a project to revitalize.

She has been working on her revitalization project for many months.  In December 2015 the beauty and life style of the Okanagan Valley won her over and she relocated full time from St Albert, AB to Casa Loma.  Shirley was a former TD Bank Manager and in the finance industry for over 30 years.  She is now semi-retired with her passion for real estate revitalization taking up her time.

Shirley was first elected as a director in 2016, serving as the CLCA Secretary, and re-elected in 2017.


Jackie and her husband Jim moved to Casa Loma from Vancouver in September 2016.

Jackie is a retired financial planner, although she continues to work part time in the film industry.

She and her husband enjoy all the hiking, biking, and walking that Casa Loma and surrounding area provides. Jackie was appointed as a director in October 2017 and is enjoying being part of her new “home” community.

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